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New Era CPAs has assembled the industry’s leading CPAs, each skilled and experienced in assisting clients to navigate through the complex tax environment and facilitating compliance through transparency in accounting. In this, we seek to provide clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are operating at a level of compliance that sets them apart.

Full Service Accounting

We Are Your Go-To

Accounting Provider

Whether your company needs monthly bookkeeping or an interim CFO, our accounting team of licensed professionals is here to help your business. Using us as your in-house accountant is cheaper than a full-time employee and more strategic for your business enterprise.

New Era CPAs will perform all bookkeeping services. Available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule.
Comprehensive Accounting Review
New Era CPAs will perform a detailed review of the Client’s accounting records & activity to ensure accounting is in accordance with GAAP.
Accounting or QuickBooks Training
New Era CPAs will provide one-on-one training on accounting basics and how to navigate QuickBooks.
Multi-Entity Accounting Strategy
New Era CPAs will establish an accounting strategy that will optimize tax savings and efficiently bridge inter-company transaction flows that enhance the value to the bottom line and meet shareholder expectations.
Quickbooks Implementation
New Era CPAs will implement a personalized accounting system complete with chart of accounts. Available in Online, Desktop, and Enterprise versions.
We Can Help

Plan For Future

Tax Liabilities

Our licensed accounting & taxation professionals have been filing tax returns for clients since 2009. Whether it’s filing excise, sales taxes monthly or state and federal income taxes annually we know the “ins and outs” of the industry.

State & Federal Income Tax Returns
No matter the entity type, New Era CPAs will prepare and file the Client’s annual business and individual income tax returns.
Employer Tax Returns
New Era CPAs will complete and file the Client’s quarterly 941s, DE-9s, DE-9Cs, and the annual 940.
Sales & Excise Tax Returns
New Era CPAs will prepare the state sales & excise tax returns.

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
W-2 & 1099 Preparation
New Era CPAs will prepare and file the Client’s W-2s and 1099s.
It's Our Duty

Grow & Manage Your

Best Customers

How do you grow and manage your best customers while lowering your costs? We make it our duty to obtain up-to-date and accurate information in order to be as insightful as possible for your business. Our skilled consultants can provide guidance by developing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards to help monitor your daily operational performance.

Mid-Year 280E Analysis
New Era CPAs will perform a mid- year analysis to determine the projected 280E exposure for the year under review.
Revenue, Invoicing & 280E Tax Strategy
New Era CPAs will determine a revenue model for the Client & a comprehensive invoicing strategy to maximize cash flow and minimize 280E exposure.
Tax Planning
New Era will perform calculations to determine estimated taxes owed (incorporating 280E), as well as any additional planning.
Advisory & Consulting Services
Open format consulting services per the Client’s request.
Entity Classification Change
New Era CPAs will file the necessary paperwork to formally and legally change the Client’s entity type to a more suitable option.
New Era CPAs will file all necessary paperwork through the SOS and the IRS to dissolve the Client.
Business Planning
New Era CPAs will work closely with the Client to create a detailed & personalized business plan.

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